The Department works PreuK proposes: a base price of construction, made by construction companies, professionals, industrialists and suppliers, based on their particular expertise in the sector.


Our goal is to provide wikipreus, ie a price basis with extensive and proven market organized collaboratively, online, flexible, open and cumulative. PreuK wants to be a base of reference in the construction sector.


We also will publish and update our own prices in a simple and easily manipulated from any commercial program. We invite companies and professionals to bring the prices of their respective databases.


Always consist price of each author, which will review it and update it at any time. We also have a free space where you can disseminate their own corporate image, links, contact and business information.


The publication of each price is governed by the rule editing will publish soon. We can not prove the veracity of the data provided: this is the responsibility of the author. But supervise compliance with minimum requirements in the justification of the price and its absence deviations in other prices or other bases own base price.


Our prices are always the result of a specific professional or business experience. That is, come linked with a particular history. It is not elaborated prices "theoretically correct" but to show what was the real cost of running a game or work on a specific date and place according to a particular company. Often the evidence will be mistakes, but serve to correct or refine the price, together with the comments of others. Do not be afraid to share information. Really, what good to know the price and the breakdown of a game if you do not have the expertise to run it, nor the media, nor the suppliers?


All those who work in the construction industry (professionals and companies) are now required to implement rigorous management processes, adjusted to the reality of the execution of work. We need to know why we win when we win and why we lose when we lose. This will only be possible if we have data coming directly from the construction market. It will not be enough, because the information "raw" is useless. You must order it and manipulate it with discretion essential prerequisite ahead of target rationally and effectively managing our business or activity.


The user of this website will access their own base rates. That is, each price revisions by the author will be available instantaneously, once validated by us. It is a base price of building truly online.


The operation of this base price advantage technology platform based on Google Apps. The presentation format and are conditioned to find them and our aim to offer a simple and useful tool.


Soon, we will present a program on line and open for budgeting and planning and accounting of a work. The prices of this base are integrated into the program. The base price and the program can be published in different languages.



Issue 1 (08/14/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas