What is the validation of a price?


Before being incorporated into PreuK and published on the website, each price will be validated by a member of the editorial team PreuK.


A price can not be validated by his own editor.


The editor of a price request its validation team PreuK, which designate a validator.


The validator will check the following:

► The correct syntax of the formulas in the spreadsheet. In particular, check that the sheet is updated to version 7.1.

► The proper functioning of the machine translation (verification that the original texts do not include abbreviations, misspellings and typographical or ellipses; checking the syntax is simple and understandable for machine translation).

► Review the labels assigned by the editor.

► Check that the price is justified with the corresponding decomposition.

► appropriation of deviations detected in the evaluation of the proposed price compared to prices at least three similar three different bases.

► appropriation of deviations detected in the evaluation of the proposed price compared to other similar PreuK prices.


After these checks, the validator will write a report, which will record the full price itself written by the author, who will receive notification.

If the report is negative, the editor corrected the price and request validation again.

If the report is positive, the validator will include the base price PreuK, using a new template model RE0000, and uploaded on the website. In the Notes section, shall state the deviations detected compared to similar prices and other information deemed relevant.


The editor of a price can review it and update it whenever it deems appropriate. Make modifications on the same road where he wrote the original price, without notifying them to the editorial team PreuK. When you wish to post the update, request a new validation.


Each price will be validated at least once every two years. If the author does not cater to the requirements of the validator, the team may withdraw PreuK the price of the base or assign it to another editor.



Edition 3 (31/01/2017)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas