Nomenclature and criteria


Structure of the base price

In the sidebar you will find an organization prices into sections and subsections. Although this navigation menu has the appearance of a conventional hierarchical classification into chapters and subchapters, like any other base construction prices, our prices actually ordered "network." That is, each labeled with a price several names, among the list of the sidebar, so that the same price you can find it in different sections. This should facilitate the search topic.

In addition, each list can make the search of your browser (Ctrl + F, generally) to write key words in your search.


Rating prices

PreuK classifies prices in Games, Wizards, materials, labor, and other machinery.

The first two groups (Plays and Auxiliary) are identified by a code that is formatted RE0000. These prices are rotting. You can open its justification by clicking on the link of your code. The Wizards are different from the games because they have a simple decomposition and often used as starting work independently and autonomously.

The last four groups (materials, labor, machinery and other) are identified by a code that is formatted REU0000. These unit prices without decomposition.

Others in the group are classified not only unit prices that do not belong to any of the other groups but also that unit should have a decomposition but do not have tentatively.


Concept starting at the base price

Our initial concept is broad: it includes not only the game of execution of work of a project budget but also any price impact made from other prices. That is, the justification of a price may include unit prices and prices with decomposition. For example, in assessing the repair of courtyard of a building, we intend to provide the relevant items of work (scaffolding m2, chopped coating m2, sanitation front forged per ml, etc.) also prices impact total (per m2 of facade, housing, etc). The usefulness and validity of these prices impact is based, on the one hand, its decomposition, which refers to other prices, and these perhaps others. Any change in unit price or play a game of instantly affect the price impact. Moreover, based on its history. We do not provide prices "theorists," but in reality checked prices for a particular work.


Impact of labor

Clearly the success of the economic value of a work depends largely an accurate forecast of the runtime, ie the cost of labor. Therefore, we present the repercussions of labor in the decomposition of each price. This impact is expressed in hours and currency. On the other hand, serve to draw up the appropriate timeframe.


Energy cost and waste

You may also see a breakdown of each price also provides justification of their energy costs and waste generated.



Issue 1 (08/14/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas