How to create a new price list


Creating a filter Price

The price lists show a filter according to price tags assigned by their editors.

The filters are located in the following folder:

PREUK Base price posted on web

Each collection filter is a template that can be duplicated to create a new filter.

The filter is configured fields are in red and following the instructions of the own filter.


Creation of a new price list publishable

Once created the filter, you can create a list to publish it on the website by accessing the following folder:


In this folder you will find the full PreuK 0000, serving staff. Once renamed following the format PreuK 0000, write inside the filter name previously created (0000) and the URL where it is.


Publication of a new price list

To publish the list on the website, you should go to this sheet:

PK I0007 Upgrading a price list on the website of PreuK

In the full Hojas !, in column A, add the new list PreuK 0000.

At this time, creating web pages will automatically corresponding subdomains preuk., Beautiful., Prices. and prix. domain. If you want to do it manually, use this form:

Upgrading a price list on the website PreuK


Publication of a new price list of contract

In the case of the creation of a new price list contracting procedure is identical, but will use the following folder:

PREUK Official rates with overhead and profit



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