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Technical Services - One Inspection Unit


Writing a report and opinion on housing

Writing report and opinion for housing, consisting of the written statement of the circumstances observed in recognition of the property, with technical explanations, economic, etc., and the opinion on the issue submitted for consideration and justified on the basis of the report. Includes: displacement in a metropolitan area to a maximum distance of 20 km and visit for expert inspection of the property.

565,38 €

Writing assessment report on building a house

Writing the evaluation report of the buildings (IEE) for housing, which provides information on the building and its evaluation regarding its condition, accessibility conditions and according to current regulations the level of energy efficiency. Includes trip to a maximum distance of 20 km, and visit the technical inspection of the property.

220,41 €

Writing rehabilitation project of building house

Writing implementation plan for the rehabilitation of housing. Consisting of drafting and assessment of the supplementary report from the building, study and assessment of the tastings executed (if applicable) and approach of the work aimed at repairing pathologies detected in structure, roofs, facades and installations . Includes trip to a maximum distance of 20 km, the expert visit for inspection of the property, the report document specification, budget, and all the plans needed to be able to put into action works.

663,60 €

Project management rehab on a house facade

Jobs for the location of the works carried out in the implementation plan for the rehabilitation of the facade of a house. Includes: one visit weekly to work, drafting additional documents that may be required to detail any element of work, monitoring of work certifications, broadcast the final certificate of work and drafting of the final document of the project work , containing the final state of the works.

162,91 €