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Technical Services - Supplementary Report


Writing supplementary report on building a house

Writing supplementary report building housing that contains the information of the building written and graphic in order to detect, identify and qualify the damages (fissures, cracks, moisture ...) in building elements, both those structural and other symptoms that may indicate damage to the structure, such as the facade, roofs, partitions, joinery and finishes. Includes travel and visit of the technical inspection of the structure of additional properties, sufficiently detailed to obtain the necessary parameters for the structural assessment; the drafting of a plan of beaches, study the results and estimation of the damage index and risk for corrosion (IC) and the Structural Index (IE); and finally writing the supplementary report based on the Guide for the Inspection and Evaluation complementary structures of buildings hormigón existing document recognized DRB Decree 132/2006 05/09 Council.

375,90 €