Study Waste Management rehabilitation cranes (10 IU)

Work relating to the drafting of the Study of Waste Management for the works carried out in the implementation plan for the rehabilitation of plurifamilar facade of a building with 10 units in operation inspection, according the provisions of Royal Decree 105/2008, February 1, 2008, the Ministry of the Presidency, which regulates the production and management of construction and demolition waste.

92,16 €

Writing Multifamily building rehabilitation project (10 IU)

Writing implementation plan for the rehabilitation of a building plurifamilar involving 10 units of inspection. Consisting of drafting and assessment of the supplementary report from the building, study and assessment of the tastings executed (if applicable) and approach of the work aimed at repairing pathologies detected in structure, roofs, facades and installations . Includes trip to a maximum distance of 20 km, visits of experts for inspection of the property, the report document specification, budget, and all the plans needed to be able to put into action works. (With a minimum intensity of inspection 80%).

1.523,66 €