REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
CodeOneDescriptionQuantityPrice (€)Amount (€)Jobmane repercussion (€)Workforce (H)Job Maging Repercussion (%)

Demolition of the crest with recovery, less than 20 m

Demolition of ceramic crest, and secondary elements, with recovery of dismounted pieces for possible reuse, even stacked, instead it is designated for this, the selection, classification of sizes, classes and The state of conservation, and the cleaning located less than 20 meters in height, including the means of safety and elevation and unloading, with withdrawal of waste for the subsequent transportation of the landfill.
%01a%Auxiliary costs on labor0,020,03
%02%Indirect costs0,030,04
%Estimation of degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal: 1.00)1,00
MOU0006hOrdinary pawn under construction. Professional Level XII (Source: Ive). / More information0,1014,311,371,370,10
Drafted by Vicente Almudéver
Company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
Update 3/06/2013
Zone València
Validated by Francesc Company Gandia
Validated with date 19/10/2018
Observations: Preu Cype (sense recuperació) DQR050 € 1.20. Preu IVE DDDQ25AA 0,97 €. Preu ITeca (sense recuperació) K2153K01 € 1,08. Sense comprovar
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