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Rockwool Direct Looking System, laminated plaster plates with integrated insulation, in interior partitions.

Direct transportation to the interior partition, made with laminated plasterboards - | (10 + 30) (LR) Labelrock 406.110 | Rockwool, with rock wool isolation, 30 mm thick, incorporated into the plate, received with grip pasta in the vertical marrow; and 55 mm of total thickness, including proportional part of the rethinking of the finished marrow line, of the zones of passage and holes; Successive placement, for each plate, of the keys of clamping paste in the medulla of support; Cut the plates, placement of drawers in the lower zone and individual placement of the plates for pressure on the pills; Formation of expansion joints; treatment of the passage and empty areas; Execution of angles; Treatment of joints through base and tape; Received from the housing boxes of electrical and passage mechanisms, after rethining its location on the plates and perforation of it and final cleaning. Fully finished and ready to print, paint or coat.
%01a%Auxiliary costs on labor0,020,20
%02%Indirect costs0,030,84
%Estimation of degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal: 1.00)1,00
REU0054Paster prefabricated with a double density rock wool panel, Labelrock 406.110 Rockwool, thickness 10 + 30 mm, thermal resistance 0.9 m² / w, thermal conductivity 0.034 w / (mk), Specific heat 840 J / kgk, factor of Resistance to the dissemination of water vapor 1.3 and Euroclasa A1 of reaction to fire.1,1014,2615,69
REU0056kgPasta for joints, according to UNE-EN 13963.0,301,260,38
REU0055kgAdherence paste, according to UNE-EN 14496.3,500,582,03
REU0057mBoard tape1,600,030,05
MOU0009hPrefabricated interior plates of 1st installer. Professional level VIII (Source: Ive). / More information0,3417,936,106,100,34
MOU0010hPrefabricated interior of Assistant mounted. Professional level X (Source: Ive). / More information0,1515,502,332,330,15
MOU0006hOrdinary pawn under construction. Professional Level XII (Source: Ive). / More information0,1014,311,431,430,10
Company: Avantobres SL
Update 31/05/2013
Zone València
Validated by Francesc Company Gandia
Validated with date 21/12/2018
Observations: Preu Cype PTW040 € 27.65. Preu IVE (Gruix 9.5 + 30 mm, aïllant MW) EFPY6AAB 29,79 €. Preu Acae (Sistema Placo PlacoMur) UPLC-T028 € 48.45 Sense revisió.
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