REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU

Carpentry, 2 sliding balcony 1300x2450 mm., No blind.

Supply and installation of aluminum, painted white, with a minimum thickness of 60 micron dry film for forming aluminum window, sliding simple 1.30 x 2.45 cm, basic series, comprising two leaves, and basic construction. Thickness and quality of the lacquering process guaranteed by QUALICOAT seal. Composed by forming extruded frames and sheets 1.5 mm thick minimum structural profiles. Accessories, Hardware and hung opening glazing EPDM gaskets, stainless steel screws, sealing elements, accessories and tools machining approved. Even proportion staple fastening, sealing perimeter together by means of a cord and adjustment neutral Silicone final work. Made in studio with classification to air permeability according to UNE-EN 12207, classification in the water tightness according to UNE-EN 12208 and classification of resistance to wind load according to UNE-EN 12210. Fully assembled and tested by the installation company by the relevant testing service (included in the price).
%01a%Ancillary costs of labor0,023,31
%02%indirect costs0,0312,86
%Estimating the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal 1.00)1,00
REU0073Natural anodized aluminum for forming upper frame guide, lower guide frame, side frame leaves, trim, brackets, sliding window fittings, basic range, with quality certificate EWAA-EURAS (QUALANOD).3,1882,72263,05
MOU0013hOfficial 1st Locksmith. Professional level VIII (Source: IVE). / More information4,9517,9388,7588,754,95
MOU0014hAssistant locksmith. Professional level X (Source: IVE). / More information4,9515,5076,7376,734,95
company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
update 03/06/2013
zone València
Validated by Josep Mestre Ruiz
Validated date 5/06/2017
observations: Preu Cype LCL060 245,48 €. Preu IVE (buit obra 135x240 cm) EFTL25cgna 181,91 €. Preu ITeC (buit obra 150x220 cm, sobre bastiment de base) EAF5J734 445,87 €.
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