REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
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Self -protected ceiling that cannot be passed

The non-passable self-proprietic roof made without steam barrier, increasing the layer for improvement, the regularization layer with 2 cm of waterproof mortar, sprouting with bituminous Emulsion Torch, with type LBM-50/G-FP Type of bitumen. Modified 50 gr/dm² of total mass, self -protected with colored mineral granules and armed with the polyester felt, even the previous cleaning of the support, rethinking, formation of Baberos, sinks and other special elements with bands of bands LBM-40-FP sheets, placed with prior pre-printing, losses and soleos, according to DB HS-1 of the CTE and UNE-104 standards. Inclusive profile l for fixing sheets on the tile.
%01a%Auxiliary costs on the labor0,020,27
%02%Indirect costs0,031,11
%Estimation of the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal: 1.00)1,00
REU0104CEM II/B-P 32.5 N Type M-5 Mortar of cement, work with 250 kg/m³ of cement and a proportion to volume 1/6.0,04115,504,62
REU0105kgAsphalt printing, EA type, UNE 104231.0,601,280,77
MOU0017h1st Official Approach of Waterproof Sheets. Professional level VIII (Source: IVE). / More information0,4117,937,357,350,41
MOU0018hAquatic sheets applicator applicator. Professional level X (Source: IVE). / More information0,2215,503,413,410,22
MOU0006hOrdinary pawn under construction. Professional level XII (Source: IVE). / More information0,2014,312,862,860,20
REU0744Modified bitumen sheet with LBM (SBS) -50/G-FP (150r), UNE-EN 13707, with reinforced and stabilized polyester armor of 150 g/m², with mineral self-protection.1,258,9511,19
REU0047Waterproof plate LBM-40 FP.0,405,452,18
REU0745mGalvanized steel sheet profile, for waterproofing meetings with vertical walls.2,001,753,50
REU0746uPolyurethane Massilla Cartridge, 310 cm³.0,186,801,22
Company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
Update 22/01/2015
Zone València
Remarks: AO0009
Validated by Josep Mestre Ruiz
Validated by date 6/06/2017
Remarks: Preu CYPE (amb argila expandida i aïllament tèrmic de llana mineral) QAD010 53,35 €. Ive Price (amb argila expandida) EQAN 8AAA 49,74 €. Preu ITEC (amb barrera de vapor) 1512E5E6 53,91 €. ACAE PREU UIBMM071UM3J 28,37 €.
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