REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU

Terrazzo tile flooring 40x40 cm medium grain without polishing.

Supply and installation of terrazzo tile flooring grain medium (between 6 and 27 mm) for outdoor use normal classified according to UNE-EN 13748-1, 40x40 cm, ivory and possession of certificates trials, with initial polishing factory, polishing and polishing work on; Once placed in pot on a bed of cement mortar M-5, with wet sand, 3 cm thick; separated 1 to 1.5 mm each. Even preparing the base layer exists, reframing, wetting the pieces together forming continuous perimeter, of a width not less than 5 mm, in the limits with walls, pillars and exempt elevation level and, where appropriate, together and structural contraction or expansion joints existing support; fill joints between tiles with grout separating white cement BL-V 22.5 acolorada the same tone tiles and final cleaning.
%01a%Ancillary costs of labor0,020,21
%02%indirect costs0,030,67
%Estimating the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal 1.00)1,00
REU0104Mortar cement CEM II / B 32.5 N P-type M-5, made on site with 250 kg / m³ and a cement volume ratio 1/6.0,03115,503,47
REU0485Terrazzo tiles for interior use, medium grain (6 to 27 mm) nominal format 40x40 cm, ivory with a first polishing factory for grinding and polishing final work, according to UNE-EN 13748- 1.1,057,357,72
MOU0022hOfficial 1st welder. Professional level X (Source: IVE). / More information0,3217,935,745,740,32
MOU0023hPawn specialist in construction. Professional XI (Source: IVE). / More information0,3215,504,964,960,32
company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
update 24/03/2014
zone València
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