REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
CodeOneDescriptionAmountPrice (€)Amount (€)Impact of labor (€)Labor (h)Impact of labor (%)

Vigueta reinforcement in Forged, with IPE-140 profile

Vigue reinforcement with less laminated IPE-140 laminated profile placement, previous repair mortar seat without sikatop 122, including plaster-fashioned lateral seat welding in PPAL structure, including corrosion protection paint in two layers
%01a%Auxiliary costs on the labor0,020,68
%02%Indirect costs0,031,64
%Estimation of the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal: 1.00)1,00
REU0031kgMortar of structural resins, R4 applied product, in bags of 25 kg.6,500,654,23
REU0173kgSteel coiled UNE-EN 10025 S-275-JR, in a simple piece of hot laminated profiles of the IPN, IPE, HeB, HEB, HEM and UPN series, worked in a workshop, applied in structural reinforcements.13,880,7910,97
REU0760uContract, dismantled and surrender of electric Machingillo for profile elevation in structural reinforcement, load up to 200 kg. UD/Day rent.0,1018,001,80
REU0067hAuxiliary elements and equipment for electric welding.0,153,090,460,460,15
REU0158uSPEZIAL ELECTRODE LICIDE AIR 3.25 mm x 450.3,500,190,67
MOU0022h1st Officer of Welding. Professional level X (Source: IVE). / More information0,2017,933,593,590,20
REU0030kgTKROM HOUSE PAINT, 25 kg boat, anthocorrosive printing S/R Gray 411 or similar.1,502,093,14
REU0161kgUniversal solvent TKROM Anti -lidante Printing, boat 5 kg.0,011,770,03
RE0143mVigue concrete structural loss of health.0,9018,2816,4511,540,85
RE0144Running of horizontal slab shoring0,5021,8310,929,680,60
RE0141mPlaster chopper of the lower face of the mouth1,053,683,863,680,39
MOU0005h1st officer under construction. Professional level VIII (Source: IVE). / More information0,7517,9313,4513,450,75
MOU0006hOrdinary pawn under construction. Professional level XII (Source: IVE). / More information0,5514,317,877,870,55
MOU0023hSpecialist pawn under construction. Professional level XI (Source: IVE). / More information0,5515,508,538,530,55
Company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
Update 4/03/2013
Zone València
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