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Drafting of Technical and Economic Viability Report of Rehabilitation for a Residential Area (20 UI)

Drafting of technical and economic feasibility report of rehabilitation for a residential area with 20 inspection units, consisting of the study of the state of conservation of homes and its urban environment, analysis of the degree of compliance with the current technical regulations, particularly in relation to the provisions of the CTE (RD 314/2006) Technical Code and specific regulations on accessibility, installations and energy efficiency, functional adaptation study. and urban planning, comparative, technical and economic analysis, of the rehabilitation of buildings in relation to other alternatives, such as the demolition and reconstruction of new construction, as well as the consideration of all significant variables in order to choose the optimal alternative for the residential area. Includes: visits and displacement.
%01a%Auxiliary costs on the labor0,0232,29
%02%Indirect costs0,0358,48
%Estimation of the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal: 1.00)1,00
MOU0068hSpecialist technician. Professional level II (Source: IVE). / More information43,9930,001.319,671.319,6743,99
MOU0066hTechnical coordinator. Professional level II (Source: IVE). / More information5,3625,00133,97133,975,36
MOU0081hTechnical director. Professional level II (Source: IVE). / More information5,3630,00160,77160,775,36
RE0156uRecognition visit, data collection, eye inspection or face -to -face intervention, even travel1,0068,8868,8855,002,50
REU0763uAverage cost of professional liability insurance premiums, for every 1000 units of technical fee currency or fraction.1,6890,00151,50
REU0762uAverage cost of rates and contributions for the management and visa of a file in a professional college, for every 1000 units of coin of technical fees or fraction.1,83100,00183,48
Each accessible and covered space is considered an independent inspection unit (home, shopping premises, warehouse, parking, common element or any other use), up to 200 m² of built area or fraction, at the same level .
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