REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU

False ceiling plaster plates fixed 100x60 smooth and simple perimeter molding.

False ceiling fixed plates made of plaster smooth 100x60 cm, with sustained rush and paste plaster according NTE / RTC-16, even proportion of perimeter molding chosen by the project management between six samples with an impact 1.80 meters per m² of ceiling molding. Note: the choice is left to property owners the choice between two models previously elected by the D.F.
%01a%Ancillary costs of labor0,02
%02%indirect costs0,03
%Estimating the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal 1.00)1,00
RE0001Ceiling plaster board, rib of 100x60 cm1,0013,2113,216,710,42
RE0319mPlaster molding of 2.7x4.7x103 cm, for decoration of the ceiling.1,809,5817,2411,120,68
company: REHABI-LI-TAR. Gestió i promoció de la rehabilitació SLU
update 27/11/2013
zone València
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