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Demolition of forged concrete beams

Demolition of forging of concrete beams, with pneumatic hammer and compressor, removal of ruins and load on truck or container.

59,43 €

Demolition of forged reinforced concrete, with metallic beams.

Demolition of unidirectional forged concrete reinforced with metallic beams formed type IPE-IPN, intervening of ceramic or concrete bills and concrete compression layer, with manual media, compressor pneumatic hammer and equipment of oxygen, even raised pavement, Proportional part of cleaning, gathering, withdrawal and manual load of rubble on truck or container.

66,65 €

Chopped outside wall / Interior cement mortar, thickness less than or equal to 3 cm

Chopped outside / interior wall with cement mortar coatings, with a medium thickness or equal to 3 cm, and chopped joints completely eliminating plaster and concretions up to 2 cm deep, for the subsequent application on the support of The stucco or plaster, executed by mechanical procedure through a small pneumatic hammer operated with a portable compressor; Even withdrawal and loading of rubble on container or truck for landfill transport, measure the surface executed on ribbon run without vacuum deduction.

6,99 €