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Demolition of concrete slab beams

Demolition of concrete slab beams with jackhammer and compressor, removal of debris and loading truck or container.

59,43 €

Demolition of reinforced concrete floor with metal beams.

Demolition of reinforced concrete with wrought unidirectional metal beams shaped type IPE-IPN, entrebigat of curved ceramic or concrete and concrete compression layer, media manuals jackhammer and compressor equipment flame cutting even raised pavement proportion of cleaning, gathering, removal and manual loading debris truck or container.

66,65 €

Chopped exterior wall / interior cement mortar, thickness less than or equal to 3 cm

Chopped exterior wall / interior coatings cement mortar, with an average thickness less than or equal to 3 cm, and chopped together completely eliminating gypsum and specifications up to 2 cm deep, for subsequent application on the support stucco or plaster, executed by mechanical procedure using a small jackhammer powered by a portable compressor; even on debris removal and loading container or truck for transport to landfill, as the surface tape run executed without deducting empty.

6,99 €