Light facade


Pluvial shutter, maximum thickness 65 mm, with bituminous wavy plates

Execution of pluvial wall of maximum thickness 65 mm, formed by bituminous wavy plates type Onducober, or similar, with disposal of overlaid plates and fixed to the parament directly with empty keys, and perimeter cars of prelacada sheet, with thermic insulation installed by The inner face of waterproofing through extruded polystyrene rigid panel, according to UNE-EN 13164, 50 mm thick, thermal resistance 0.79 m² / w, thermal conductivity 0.039 W / (MK), 200 KPA resistance to compression , factor of resistance to the dissemination of water vapor 150 and specific heat 1400 J / kgk. Even proportional part of the insulating clippings.

26,90 €

Façade of double leaf of sheet profiled sheet of steel, with intermediate insulation.

Double-leaved facade closure, formed by exterior panel profile of profiled steel ribbed S320 Galvanized Galvanized of 0.6 mm thickness and 30 mm crest height, insulation of non-hygroscopic glass wool blanket covered by one of its faces With a reinforced glass veil, according to UNE-EN 13162, 60 mm thick and tray interior tray of galvanized steel ribban tray of 0.6 mm thickness, even proportional part of horsemen, mines and accessories of Hidden and sealing fixation and other elements and works necessary for the formation of gaps, boards, corners, rowing and encounters with other materials. Fully mounted, withdrawal of excess material and load in containers.

44,54 €