Tiled porcelain tiles placed with glue cement adhesive.

Supply and execution of pavement through the method of placing in thick layer, ceramic tile of porcelain stoneware, polished 2/0 / - (pavements for traffic for mild pedestrians, type 2; No additional requirements, type 0 ; No additional requirement, type - / -), from 41x41 cm, € 22 / m²; Received with normal cement adhesive, C1 without any additional characteristic, gray, with double gluing, and rejoed with white cement beey, L, BL-V 22.5, for minimum board (between 1.5 and 3 mm) , colored with the same tonality of the pieces. Even proportional part of cleaning, surface checking support, rethinking, cuts, continuous perimeter formation, in width not less than 5 mm, in the limits with walls, exempt pillars and level elevations and, if applicable, if applicable, if applicable, Partition joints and structural boards existing in the support, elimination of the excess material from the rejuncture and final cleaning of the pavement.

44,59 €