Conduct ventilation for forced extractor at local, pvc-125 tube.

Installation of ventilation conduit for extraction air VICIAT IN INTERIOR Bath and / or Toilet of commercial premises, by means of disposition, fixed to a wrought ceiling, PVC-125 mm tube, derivation piece T-125 and attachment to tube aluminum Flexible Spiroflex -125 to the unit of the forced extractor, even vacuum opening passing on an exterior facade and exterior grid 25x24 white lacquered aluminum. Fully installed and connected.

25,21 €

Mechanical ventilation balcony, with extractor SILENT SILENT 100 m³ / h.

Supply and installation of extractor Fan forced air, Silent SILENT unit 100 (100 m³ / h) Even p.p. 1.50 m Biflex duct 110 aluminum at outdoors or shunt; Extractor connected to electrical line and cunt with the switch of dependence. Fully installed in false ceiling, connected and checked its correct operation.

124,04 €