False ceilings


Aid for masonry structural recognition

Aids palette to execute tasting checking in recognition of the existing building structure, consisting of six tastings 10x10 cm pillar and / or beams up to the structural concrete base foundation first tasting 0, 60x0,60x1,10 m deep to find the shoe and four tasting 0,40x0,40 about false ceiling housing to access the underside of forged even replacement of the tastings to its initial state , covered racing, replacement of siding, covered with well compacted earth filling, paving screed and similar, and vacuum ceiling covered with plaster board painted on its surface, even necessary scaffolding and auxiliary , removal of debris, surplus and final cleaning.

810,49 €

Ceiling plaster board, rib of 100x60 cm

Plaster plate, rib of 100x60 cm and 8 mm thick, 20 mm in thickness including the ribs with straight edge and smooth finish, uncoated, for ceilings, even proportion of straps and packing plaster on forged.

13,21 €

Detachable ceiling plaster plates 60x60 with white vinyl.

Ceiling made with gypsum plasterboard of 60x60x1 cm, with a face covered by a sheet vinyl white, edged square, with support seen force profile primary and secondary lacquered in white, topped perimeter with an angular profile white lacquered and suspended by galvanized metal parts, according NTE / RTP-17.

17,18 €

Forward vertical plaster instead of ceiling level continuous 20 cm

Forward vertical instead of ceiling level continuous smooth plates made with plaster to close a space of 20 cm.

15,47 €

Demolition of plaster ceiling removable plates.

Demolition of ceiling plaster recordable plates with manual means, without damaging the building elements to which subject. Even proportion demolition straps, profiles and structures support suspension, false beams, front, moldings, cornices and finishes, cleaning, gathering, removal and manual loading debris truck or container.

9,48 €

Demolition of plaster ceiling fixed

Demolition of ceiling plaster cladding fixed to <2.50 m tall, with removal and loading container, no transport to landfill.

8,46 €

Continuous ceiling plasterboard N13.5 with perimeter molding.

Continuous false ceiling made with gypsum board 15 mm, sharpened edge on the longitudinal structure of teacher 60x27 mm. Edge and profile 30x30 mm, with anchor rod hung even proportion of polystyrene molding perimeter making adhesive (chosen by the project management from 6 samples) with an impact of 1.80 meters for molding m² ceiling, leveling and treatment together, ready to paint.

23,41 €

False ceiling plaster boards continuous 15 mm, with auxiliary structure.

False ceiling continuous format with plasterboard 15 mm, edge sharpened on structure longitudinal teacher 60x27x4 mm, and pieces transverse the same profile and following the slopes of the roofs, anchor with rod hung even proportion hang pieces, leveling the curb and joint treatment

36,59 €

False ceiling plaster plates fixed 100x60 smooth and simple perimeter molding.

False ceiling fixed plates made of plaster smooth 100x60 cm, with sustained rush and paste plaster according NTE / RTC-16, even proportion of perimeter molding chosen by the project management between six samples with an impact 1.80 meters per m² of ceiling molding. Note: the choice is left to property owners the choice between two models previously elected by the D.F.

30,45 €

False ceiling fixed plate 60x60 cm decorated in refuezo structure.

Ceiling panels made with plaster decorated 60x60 cm, with sustained rush and paste plaster according NTE / RTC-16.

23,11 €

False plaster beam, front and 20x30 cm tray.

False continuous beam 20x30 cm section, with two sides of plaster boards, packing subjects by hanging.

16,14 €

Recessed downlight luminaire types. 250 mm.

Supply and installation of ceiling downlight luminaire, 250 mm diameter, 2 fluorescent lamps TC-D 26 W; Body construction with outside and inside of cast aluminum, lacquered white; High purity aluminum reflector and magnetic ballasts; IP 20 protection and Class F insulation Even lamps, accessories, fasteners and auxiliary material. Fully assembled, tested and connexionada

120,41 €

Tasting inspection wrought with false ceiling.

Taste for visual inspection of the underside of forged at a height of up to 3.00 m so removing the ceiling by manual means, excluding the replacement thereof. In an area of ​​1 m².

30,22 €