False ceilings


Palette grants for structural recognition

Palette aids for the execution of checking tasting in structural recognition of existing building, consisting of 6 tastings of 10x10 cm on pillar and / or beams until reaching structural concrete, 1 based on 0.60x0 foundation , 60x1.10 m deep to find the shoe, and 4 tastings of 0.40x0.40 approximately in false ceiling of housing to access the lower forged face, even replacement of the CATES to its initial state, Cover of regattas, replacement of coatings, well-covered with compacted land filling, solera and similar paved, and vacuum cover in false ceiling with plasterboard and painted from its surface, even necessary buildings and auxiliary means, Runes withdrawal, excess material and final cleaning.

810,49 €

Sky of plate plate, ribbed, 100x60 cm

Plate of plaster, ribbed, 100x60 cm and 8 mm thick, 20 mm of total thickness including the ribs, with straight edge and finished smooth, without coating, for shades, even proportional part of straps and stups D 'Escaiola to forged.

13,21 €

Detachable sky with plaster plates 60x60, with white vinyl.

Sky Ras made with laminated plaster plates of 60x60x1 cm, with a face coated by a white vinyl foil, with square edges, with sustainment view of primary and secondary white profile lacquered, finished perimeterally with an angular lacquered white profile white and suspended by galvanized metal parts, according to NTE / RTP-17.

17,18 €

Vertical striker of plaster in order of the level of false continuous ceiling 20 cm

Vertical striker in order to level from false continuous ceiling, formed with smooth plaster plates, to close a space of 20 cm in height.

15,47 €

Demolition of false detachable ceiling of plaster plates.

Demolition of false recording ceiling of plasterboards, with manual means, without deteriorating the constructive elements that are subject. Even proportional part of demolition of straps, profiling support and suspension structures, false beams, strikers, moldings, cornices and finishes, cleaning, gathering, removal and manual load of rubble on truck or container.

9,48 €

Demolition of false fixed ceiling of plaster

Demolition of false fixed ceiling of plaster placement, to <2.50 m in height, with withdrawal and cargo in container, without transport to landfill.

8,46 €

False continuous ceiling of plaster plates N13.5, with perimeter molding.

False continuous ceiling formed with plaster plate of 15 mm, tuned edge, on longitudinal measurement structure of 60x27 mm. and perimeter profile of 30x30 mm, anchorage with hanging rod, even proportional part of perimeter polystyrene molding with adhesive (to be chosen for the faculty address between 6 samples) with an impact of 1.80 m mold for m mold of mold of False ceiling, leveling and treatment of boards, ready to paint.

23,41 €

False continuous ceiling of plaster plates 15 mm, with auxiliary structure.

False continuous ceiling formed with plaster plate of 15 mm, of tuned edge, on longitudinal structure of 70x27x4 mm, and transversal pieces of the same profile and following the slopes of the covers, anchor with hanging rod, even proportional part of Pens of hanging, leveling, curing and treatment of boards

36,59 €

False fixed ceiling plaster plaster 100x60 and simple perimeter molding.

False fixed ceiling made with smooth plaster plates of 100x60 cm, sustained with esparto and plaster paste, according to NTE / RTC-16, even proportional part of perimeter molding to choose from the faculty address between 6 samples with a repercussion 1,80 m mold for m² of false ceiling. Note: You leave yourself at the choice of housing owners choice between 2 models previously chosen by D.F.

30,45 €

False Ceiling Fixed plate decorated 60x60 cm, in structural refuezo.

Cell Ras made with plaster plates decorated 60x60 cm, sustained with esparto and pasta of plaster, according to NTE / RTC-16.

23,11 €

False beam of plaster, striker and tray 20x30 cm.

False continuous beam of 20x30 cm section, with two faces of plasterboards, subjects by hanging stup.

16,14 €

Luminaire embedded Type download. 250 mm.

Supply and installation of downlight ceiling luminaire, 250 mm in diameter, for 2 fluorescent TC-D lamps of 26 W; with exterior construction and inner body of injected aluminum, lacquered, white; Aluminum reflector of high purity and magnetic ballast; IP Protection 20 and Isolation Class F. Even lamps, accessories, subjections and auxiliary material. Fully mounted, connected and checked

120,41 €

Wrought inspection tasting, with false ceiling.

Tasting of lower-sided face inspection at a height of up to 3.00 m retreating the false ceiling by manual means, without including the replacement of them. In an area of ​​1 m².

30,22 €