Non-transitable flat cover, not ventilated, with gravel protection

Formation of non-transitable flat roof, not ventilated, with gravel, inverted type, slope of 1% to 5%, composed of the following elements: layer regularization: layer of mortar regain of waterproofing cement of 2 cm in thickness, cruminated and clean ; Waterproofing: Polibreal, or similar solution, consisting of the formation of a waterproofing membrane applied in a liquid and hot way, based on Modified Betuns with polymers, and which conforms an elastic coating totally adhered to support, according to DITE -07/0131 and It consists of: 1. Polibreal® Mastic Coat, minimum thickness 3 mm and a consumption of 4 kg / m², 2. Placing internal sheet separator of smooth aluminum separator not less than 30 microns or external sheet of reinforcement of reinforcement of Polyester film of 50 microns, 3. Layer of Polibreal® mastic, of minimum thickness 3 mm and a consumption of 4 kg / m², 4. Installation of external sheet reinforcement of polyester film of 50 microns; Separator layer Under insulation: Placement of non-woven geotextile lamina composed of polyester fibers joined by Tiretes, (150 g / m²); Thermal insulation: 2 rigid panels of extruded polystyrene, smooth surface and medium-mid-moving machining, 40 mm thick Each panel (total thickness: 80 mm), compression resistance> = 300 kPa, thermal resistance 1.2 m²K / W, thermal conductivity 0.034 W / (MK); Separator layer Under protection: Placement of non-woven geotextile lamina composed of polyester fibers joined by Tiretes, (200 g / m²); Protection layer: 16 to 32 mm diameter pebble coat, exempt from fine, extended with a thickness medium of 10 cm, and perimeter reinforcement of self-protected asphalt lamina according to norm. Even previous cleaning of support, rethinking, bibor formation, sinks and other special elements with reinforcement bands and placed sheets adhered with previous blower primer, mines and ridges, according to DB HS-1 of the CTE and UNE-104 standards .

49,90 €

Waterproofing covered with paint in polyurethane, armed.

Non-destructive waterproofing of transitable flat roofs, terraces or balconies made above the fixed pavement, through the application of two layers of elastic coating waterproofing based on liquid monocomponent polyurethane armed liquid with fabric of fiberglass and a layer of paint finish Elastoplastic protection resistant to ultraviolet rays, even cleaning and sanitation of the support prior to the placement of waterproofing.

20,53 €

Waterproofing Transitable flat cover and paved tile.

Flat, transitable, conventional with fixed pavement and polyethylene film of 0.2 mm thickly over overlapping for low-performance vapor barrier formation, formed by layer of thick cell concrete between 2 and 30 cm finished With a layer of regularization of 1.5 cm of cement mortar (1: 6) swirling, thermal insulation formed by polystyrene panels extruded XPS-IV of 30 mm thick and k = 0.028 W / MºC, separator layer for felt Fiberglass of 120 gr / m² available floating on thermal insulation with simple overlap, waterproofing by membrane BICAPA PN-7 improved (UNE 104402/96) does not adhered to support formed by two modified bitumen sheets together with each other in all Its surface, the bottom armed with fiberglass (LBM-40-FV) and the superior with polyester felt (LBM-40-FP), an antiadherent separating layer formed by polyethylene film of 0.50 mm thick Willing floating Sob re Waterproofing with simp Solidation and pavement of 20x10cm Catalan Rajoleta on 2.5 cm from waterproofing cement mortar, even prior cleaning of support, rethinking, formation of perimeter edges, bibs, minves, sinks and other special elements with reinforcement bands , mining and riding. Measure in horizontal projection. The formation of slopes with lightweight concrete mixed with expanded clay (lightweight archive for covers) is valued

73,84 €

Waterproofing of embroidering drainage in Terrassa

Repair of waterproofing vertical drainage in flat roof, consisting of: primer layer with 0.35 kg / m² of black bituminous emulsion type EB, two pieces of reinforcement of LBM-30-FP type sheet of 60 cm of 60 cm Wide lower and 80 cm the upper, 30 gr / dm² and polyester felt armor, adhering to support, casseroleum and each other. The casserole will be placed between the two bands of reinforcement and the membrane of the waterproofing of the cover above the two (not included).

18,85 €

Waterproofing of the coronation of the ASSPIT wall, width 15 cm.

Waterproofing of the coronation of the covered sill, constituted by: Asphalt primer with anionic bituminous emulsion EA type and bitumen sheet modified with elastomer SBS, type LBM (SBS) -30-FP, totally adhered to support with blower. For the waterproofing of the coronation of the wall, the raiset of the horse will be held and then placing the waterproofing will restore this (not included).

8,88 €