Acoustic insulation


Rockwool system for direct trasdosat, laminated plaster plates with built-in insulation, in facade closures.

Direct extradossat on interior partition, made with laminated plasterboards - | (10 + 30) (LR) Labelrock 406.110 | Rockwool, with rock wool isolation, 30 mm thick, incorporated into the plate, received with binding material on the vertical setting; and 55 mm of total thickness, even proportional part of reconsideration of the finished line of parament, the zones of passage and gaps; successive placement, for each plate, of the pallets of binding paste in the support parament; Cut the plates, placement of wedges in the lower part and individual placement of plates through pressure on pallets; formation of expansion together; treatment of areas of passage and gaps; Execution of angles; Treatment of boards through pasta and board tape; Receipt of boxes for accommodation of electrical and installation mechanisms, prior rethinking of its location on the plates and drilling them, and final cleaning. Fully finished and ready to enter, paint or coat.

29,05 €

Indoor leaf Facade closure, with LH-7 + isolate PE-40.

Formation of internal partition leaf of 7 cm thick factory, double-handed double ceramic brick, to coat, 33x16x7 cm, received with M-5 cement mortar and internal insulation with 40 mm expansive polystyrene plates of 40 mm. of thickness, even p / p rethinking, leveling and appliance, received from rings and basic buildings, minions, breaks, linked, heads and cleaning

29,89 €