Septum rain, maximum thickness 65 mm with corrugated bituminous

Running partition maximum rainfall of 65 mm thick, consisting of corrugated bituminous type Onducober or similar arrangement with overlapping plates and utensils directly fixed to the key gaps and perimeter shots veneer lacquered with insulation installed the inside of the sealing means for rigid extruded polystyrene panel, according to UNE-EN 13164, 50 mm thick, thermal resistance 0,79 m²K / W thermal conductivity 0.039 W / (mK), 200 kPa compressive strength factor of resistance to diffusion of water vapor and 150 specific heat 1400 J / KGK. Even proportional cuts the insulation.

26,90 €

ROCKWOOL system of direct trasdoses of gypsum plasterboard with insulation incorporated in facade closings.

Direct cladding on interior partition, made with laminated plasterboard - | (10 + 30) (LR) Labelrock 406 110 | ROCKWOOL with rock wool insulation of 30 mm thick, joined the board, received with paste bonding material on the vertical surface; 55 mm thickness, even proportional reconsideration of the finish line of kitchenware, the passageways and hollow; placing successively for each plate, the pasta paletades union support in the household; cutting boards, placing wedges at the bottom and placing individual plates by pressure on paletades; formation of expansion joints; treatment of passageways and holes; execution of angles; treatment together with paste and tape together; received boxes for electrical mechanisms and accommodation facilities step, following reconsideration of its location in the plates and punching them, and final cleaning. Fully finished and ready to emprimar, painting or coating.

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