Insulation for insufflation, from the inside, in double leaf-leaf-closing air chambers.

Energy rehabilitation of double leaf facade, from the interior of the house, 50 mm air chamber of medium thickness, by injection of natural mineral wool nodules (LMN) without bindles, Borralw (Tip S) Knauf Insulation , with density 30 kg / m³ and thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (MK); Tapa of the holes executed in the parament, by means of massillat and lying. Included proportional part of machinery for injection, making holes, protection of contiguous elements and cleaning of the surface to be painted. Fully finished. Includes: Carrying out drills in the parament; Protection of the elements of the environment that can be affected during injection work; Injection of isolation; Tapa of the drills.

27,68 €

Raised Ceramic Environment

Raised ceramic surroundings, withdrawal and burden of rubble on truck or landfill.

2,25 €

Demolition of ceramic tile with manual media

Chopped and demolition of ceramic coating in vertical walls, made with manual means, even withdrawal and loading of rubble on truck or container.

8,27 €

Chopped from tile binding material

Demolition of cement mortar as tile union material on the roof, with manual media, even withdrawal of demolition and load on truck or container, without including transport to landfill.

4,70 €

Solera de Concrete mass T1, thickness 10 cm, finished bearing.

Training continuous concrete pavement in mass 10 cm thick, made with concrete HM-20 / F / 12 / and manufactured in central and pumped with pump; Treaty superficially with tread mortar, light gray color, composed of cement, selected aggregates of quartz, organic pigments and additives, with an approximate performance of 3 kg / m², manually sprinkled over concrete still fresh and subsequent application of colorless curing fluid , performance 0.15 kg / m². Even P / P cleaning surface support, extended and vibrated from the concrete through vibrant rule, embroplement or connection of the outer elements (hoops of boxes, boneres, siphonic boxes, etc.) of installation networks Executed under the pavement, mechanical swirling of the entire surface until making the mortar totally integrated into the concrete, and final cleaning of the finished surface. Including the preparation of the existing base layer, work joints and concrete, retraction through mechanical media cut with diamond disk at least 2/3 of the thickness of the solera, expansion joints and perimeter together.

33,39 €