Laminated wood beams section 8x18 cm.

Supply and placement of homogeneous laminated laminated wood beam, 33 or 45 mm thickness of the plates and constant section, from 8x18 cm section and up to 4 m in length, for structural applications, resistant GL-24H class According to UNE-EN 390 and UNE-EN 1194 and protection against biotic agents that correspond to the NP1 and NP2 penetration class (3 mm on the side faces of the Albeca) according to UNE-EN 351-1. Placed with an interest of 70 cm. Even cuts, enthalts for their correct coupling, leveling and placement of the elements of link and reinforcement, and the corresponding sleeping sleepers. Worked in workshop and placed in work. Application regulations: CTE. DB SE-M Structural Security: Wood.

37,06 €

Wooden prosthesis with fiberglass armor.

Broach repair by eliminating the deteriorated area and placing a prosthesis from the same section as the existing beam and up to 30 cm of wild pine saw (Pinus sylvestris), brushed finish, for structural applications, structural quality MEG according to UNE 56544, resistant class C-18 according to UNE-EN 338 and UNE-EN 1912 and protection against biotic agents that correspond to the NP2 penetration class (3 mm in the side faces of the Albeca) according to UNE-EN 351 -1, adhered to healthy wood through epoxy-acrylate resin, styrene free, and later arming with two wood union using 2 fiberglass rods reinforced with polyester resin, 12 mm in diameter, 0 , 05 m in length each, housed in perforations made in the prosthesis and healthy wood. Even proportional part of sanitation of the wooden piece, cutting 60 ° of healthy wood to receive the prosthesis, provisional fixation of the prosthesis through carpenter cats and keys, execution of perforations in the prosthesis and in the wood Healthy, punched with epoxy resin in perforations after placing the rods, polished imperfections, cleaning, stacking, removal and manual loading of demolitions on truck or container.

102,07 €

Treatment against xylophagous insects in wooden elements (1 ui)

Treatment against xylophagous insects in wood elements, with intervention in 1 inspection unit, consisting in:

984,68 €

Transport of inert waste metals and / or wood with container.

Transport of metallic inert waste produced in construction and / or demolition works, with a 4.2 m³ container, specific landfill, construction installation of construction and external demolition in the work or center of recovery or Removal of waste.

38,88 €