Water supply


Survey and replacement sanitary, commercial

Dismantling of sanitary wares, corresponding to toilets inside commercial buildings, consisting of toilets, sinks and shower trays for reuse and reinstallation in the same condition they were.

75,24 €

Testing of sealing covers up to 100 m²

Tests watertightness of roofs in buildings in an area of ​​100 m², by the methods listed in the document recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana DRC 05/09. Include travel of staff, tightness test after at least eight hours of flood inspection for checking the tightness of the cover system, record of results and issuance of certificate.

308,34 €

Tightness testing of facades, area of ​​3 square meters.

Tests sealing wood facade, according to the document recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana DRC 06/09

175,93 €

Test check of water supply network

Testing network service water supply inside buildings. Try partial sealing and mechanical resistance battery meter and studs, as recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana Document DRC 07/09

214,97 €