Signaling and equipment


Objects fall protection canopy for protection of sidewalk. With rent for one month.

Supply, installation and dismantling canopy of fall protection items, consisting of tubular frames to force galvanized metal sections or modules, training underpass for pedestrians, stringers, visor and tilted 30 degrees to one projection, 50 m, metal plates placed transversely than crystallized and fixed frames, resting on leveling screws and motherboard even signaling the work area

32,04 €

Scissor platform to height of 15 meters and a capacity of 1000 kg (1 d)

Using diesel scissor platform Maximum working height equal to 15 m, outdoors, in the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia, capacity 1000 kg, including transport to work and collect rental for 1 day stay in work , sure signs of movement and work area.

211,33 €