Pericó walk cranes inside of 75x75 cm

Pericó foot front line, inside the building, before the network connection via public sewer for the underground network of collectors interiors, interior dimensions of 75x75, profunidad average 1.10 m, Trappe 40 x40 cm, made of brick honeycomb 24x12x11 cm, with cement mortar 1: 6 on a bed-slab concrete hm-20 / B / 20 / i thick 12 cm, plastered burnished inwardly mortar waterproof 1: 6, rounded edges and painted with asphalt emulsion, received superior piping and closing with hatch frame and cast even proportion of referrals individual accessories. Installation according to CTE. DB. HS safety. Preconditions support: Before beginning the activities relating to the implementation process will be conducted the following checks: will check that its location and route correspond to the Project and that there is enough space for installation and connection to the existing down. Includes presentation inside the chest tubes, special pieces, elbows, joints, fasteners, testing services, protection against shock, filling Trados perimeter arch., Finishes, except for the floor finish. Training holes connected to tubes, sealing joints and interior-exterior. Even in airtight hatch closure and no odor mefítics frame.

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