Pericó on the facade in the interior, 75x75 cm

Pericó on the front of the facade, inside the building, prior to the public network connection on public road, for the underground network of internal collectors, in interior dimensions 75x75, average profunity 1,10 m, Trapa 40 x40 cm, made with brick brick 24x12x11 cm, and with cement mortar 1: 6 on HM-20 / B / 20/20 / and thick 3 cm concrete beds, banging interior with mortar hydrofugated 1: 6, Rounded edges and painted with asphalt emulsion, received from pipes and upper closure with trap and casting frame, even proportional part of individual derivations, accessories. Installation according to CTE. Db. HS HALLUBRITY. Prior conditions for support: Before starting activities corresponding to the execution process, the following checks will be carried out: it will be checked that its situation and route correspond to those of the project, and that there is sufficient space For your installation and connection with the existing download. Includes presentation inside the tubes of tubes, special pieces, elbows, junctions, fixations, service tests, protection against shock, arq perimeter trades., Finishes, except for the finishing pavement. Training of holes for the connected of tubes, interior and interior-exterior jacket. Even hermetic closure in trap and frame at the passage of smells mephitic.

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