Furniture and appliances


Raised and replenished Sanitary appliances, commercial premises

Dismantling of sanitary equipment, corresponding to toilets inside commercial premises, formed by toilets, toilets and shower dishes, for subsequent reuse and reinstallation under the same conditions in which they were.

75,24 €

Raised kitchen furniture

Raised benches, cabinets and kitchen shelves, with reying of demolitions and loads on truck or container.

31,84 €

Conduct ventilation for forced extractor at local, PVC-125 tube.

Installation of ventilation conduit for extraction air Vicied indoor bathroom and / or toilet of commercial premises, by means of disposition, fixed to a wrought ceiling, PVC-125 mm tube, derivation piece T-125 and junction in tube aluminum Flexible Spiroflex -125 to the unit of the forced extractor, even vacuum opening going on external façade and exterior grid 25x24 aluminum lacquered white. Fully installed and connected.

25,21 €

Connected collectors in service area, in premises

Reinstallation and connection of the installation of buried collectors, in the interior of evacuation for a cleaning unit in interior of commercial premises, formed by odorless and a pedestal toilet, made with PVC pipe smooth 40-110 mm, series B (UNE -in 1329-1) for the drainage network that connects these devices. Even p.p. Individual derivations, connections, accessories and subjection elements, connected to the nearest pericel. Even p.p. Solera de Concrete en mass, medium thickness of 10 cm, in sections of collectors spare parts. Installation according to CTE. Db. HS HALLUBRITY. Prior conditions for support: Before starting activities corresponding to the execution process, the following checks will be carried out: it will be checked that its situation and route correspond to those of the project, and that there is sufficient space For your installation and connection with the existing download. Includes presentation to int. arq. of tubes, special pieces, elbows, junctions, fixations, service tests, protection against blows, filling perimeter trades of arq., finishes, except for the finishing pavement. Formation of holes for the connected of tubes, junction and interior-ext. Even hermetic closure in trap and frame at the passage of smells mephitic. Closing stoppers will be available at the drainage points, until the reception of sanitary appliances. Guaranteed mechanical and sealing resistance. > Unit totally finished and checked its operation.