Furniture and equipment


Survey and replacement sanitary, commercial

Dismantling of sanitary wares, corresponding to toilets inside commercial buildings, consisting of toilets, sinks and shower trays for reuse and reinstallation in the same condition they were.

75,24 €

Lifted kitchen furniture

Lifted benches, kitchen cabinets and shelves with reitrada debris and truck loads or container.

31,84 €

Ventilation exhaust duct forced local PVC-tube 125.

Install vent for extracting stale air inside bathroom and / or toilet premises by arrangement, fixed roof wrought-PVC pipe 125 mm, T-piece bypass pipe joint 125 and aluminum -125 flexible Espiroflex to the extractor unit forced even opening gap going on exterior and white lacquered aluminum 25x24 grid outside. Fully installed and wiring.

25,21 €

Wiring collector zone of services, local

Reinstalling the installation and connection of collectors buried inside an evacuation unit for cleaning internal premises, consisting of a toilet-bowl and pedestal, made of smooth PVC pipe 40-110 mm, series B (UNE-1329-1) for the drainage network connecting these devices. Even o.g. individual referrals, connections, accessories and fasteners, wiring the fan, closer. Even o.g. concrete base mass average thickness of 10 cm in parts sections of collectors. Installation according to CTE. DB. HS safety. Preconditions support: Before beginning the activities relating to the implementation process will be conducted the following checks: will check that its location and route correspond to the Project and that there is enough space for installation and connection to the existing down. Includes presentation int. arch. tubes, special pieces, elbows, joints, fasteners, testing services, protection against shock, filling Trados perimeter arch., finishes, except for the floor finish. Training holes connected to tubes, sealing joints and inner-ext. Even in airtight hatch closure and no odor mefítics frame. There will be closure plugs at points drain until receipt of wares. Mechanical strength and tightness guaranteed. > Unit completely finished and tested its operation.