Booting down / gutter material unspecified

Booting down / recovery gutter without even debris removal and loading truck or container.

3,46 €

Gutter seen circular section of galvanized steel

Gutter seen circular section of galvanized steel development CRN 33, even cavalcaments proportion of parts and accessories for special gutter fixing.

75,27 €

Pitched roof covered with tile. Termochip base and Texaplac.

Formation of sloping roof with a slope of 26% half on laminated wood beams (not included in this price), composed of the following elements: tongue sandwich panel, consisting of: upper board 10 mm waterproof chipboard of thick, insulating polystyrene foam core extruder 60 mm thick underside of natural fir frieze on structural framework; Waterproofing under tile plate fixed with screws to the support; COVERAGE: ceramic tile curve, 40x19x16 cm; fixed with screws screw-on wooden slats of pine or red pine Galician Treaty of 42x27 mm quality and VI. Even w / w ridge tiles, finishing side, ventilation and special training for ridges, tremujals, embroquetat eaves and edges free.

145,68 €

Flat roof not passable, not ventilated, with gravel protection

Training flat roof not passable, not ventilated, with gravel type inverted slope of 1% to 5%, composed of the following elements: LAYER ADJUSTMENT: adjustment layer waterproof cement mortar 2 cm thick, swirling and clean ; Waterproofing solution POLIBREAL or similar, consisting of forming a waterproofing membrane applied so hot liquid based on bitumen modified with polymers, and forms a fully adhered coating elastic support, and according to ETA -07/0131 consists of: 1. POLIBREAL® mastic layer, minimum thickness of 3 mm and a consumption of 4 kg / m², 2. Placing aluminum foil internal separating smooth thickness of not less than 30 microns or external sheet reinforcement polyester film of 50 microns, 3. POLIBREAL® mastic layer, minimum thickness of 3 mm and a consumption of 4 kg / m², 4. Installation of external reinforcement layer of polyester film of 50 microns; CAPA separator UNDER INSULATION: Installation of nonwoven geotextile layer composed of polyester fibers together by strips (150 g / m²); INSULATION: two extruded polystyrene rigid panels, smooth surface and machining lateral notch half of each panel 40 mm thick (thickness: 80 mm), compressive strength> = 300 kPa, 1.2 Thermal resistance m²K / W, thermal conductivity 0.034 W / (mK); CAPA separator UNDER PROTECTION: Placement of nonwoven geotextile layer composed of polyester fibers together by strips (200g / m²); LAYER PROTECTION: pebble layer 16 to 32 mm in diameter, without end, extended medium with a thickness of 10 cm and perimeter reinforcement sheet asphalt autoprotegida as standard. Even prior cleaning support, redesign, training bibs, sinks and other special reinforcement strips and sheets placed affiliated with torch priming, and cavalcaments losses, according to one of the CTE DB-HS and UNE-104 .

49,90 €

Flat roof, passable

Flat roof, passable pavement conventional fixed EPDM sheet of 0.8 mm thick weld between pieces and waterproofing for formation of high-performance vapor barrier, thermal insulation composed of panels made of polystyrene 1I1 expanded EPS- 30 mm thick and K = 0.032 W / m layer separating force polyethylene film 0.50 mm thick floating willing insulation overlap with simple, single-layer waterproofing membrane with no attached support consisting of a layer of ethylene propylene diene monomer EPDM 1.5 mm thick layer separating nonstick - antipunzanante consisting of polyester felt 300 g / m² willing floating waterproofing and pavement with simple overlap Catalan Rajoleta about 20x10cm 2.5 cm layer of cement mortar waterproof, even cleaning before the support, redesign, training bibs, minvells, the sewers and other special ement s with bands of reinforcement, and cavalcaments losses. Measured in horizontal projection.

73,36 €

Demolition of Catalan roof and attic of envanets counter with jackhammer.

Demolition of the Catalan roof with attic envanets of two threads and counter tile with jackhammer with debris removal and loading truck or container, excluding transport to landfill.

15,37 €

Dismantling of old tile curve recovery. height <20 m

Dismantling coverage ceramic tile old curve, and child items, ready to channel and hosts recovery of parts disassembled for possible reuse even stacked in place that is designated for this selection, sorting by size classes and condition, and cleanliness, placed less than 20 m, including security means and lifting load and unload with debris removal for subsequent transport to landfill.

10,28 €

Front panel dual-blade profiled sheet steel with insulation in between.

Closing double leaf facade, exterior panel made of sheet steel S320 GD profiled ribbed galvanized 0.6 mm thick and 30 mm height of ridge insulation blanket glass wool hygroscopic not covered by one of its faces a veil of reinforced glass, according to UNE-EN 13162, 60 mm thick tray tray support inside ribbed galvanized steel sheet of 0.6 mm thickness, even proportion of cavalcaments, wastage and accessories hidden fastening and sealing elements and other work necessary for the formation of gaps, joints, corners, shots and meetings with other materials. Fully assembled, with removal of excess material and container cargo.

44,54 €

Training leveled base in cement roof

Training flatbed on existing sloping roof of corrugated asbestos cement, consisting screed layer of medium thickness 6 cm lightened with arlita army, to create a flat base tilted and waterproofing with a layer asphalt LBM-40 FP self-protected mineral even training parapastas perimeter of the landfill arlita lightened and reinforced with steel mesh 31x31 mm 1.5 mm galvanized auxiliary, scaffolding necessary removal of excess material and total cleaning. Proven its tightness.

45,95 €

Waterproofing covered with polyurethane paint, armed.

Waterproofing nondestructive passable flat roofs, balconies or terraces above the pavement made fixed by applying two layers of waterproof elastic coating based on polyurethane liquid component armed with glass fiber fabric and a layer of paint finish elastoplastic resistant to UV protection, even clean and healthy support before placing the waterproofing.

20,53 €

Flat roof waterproofing and flooring tile.

Flat roof, passable pavement conventional fixed polyethylene film thickness of just 0.2 mm overlap for forming vapor barrier performance of low formed by cellular concrete layer thickness between 2 and 30 cm finished with a layer of regularization 1.5 cm cement mortar (1: 6) whirlpools, thermal insulation panels made of extruded polystyrene XPS-IV 30 mm thick and K = 0.028 W / mºC layer separating force felt fiberglass of 120 gr / m² willing floating thermal insulation with simple overlap with waterproofing membrane bilayer PN-7 improved (UNE 104402/96) is not attached to the support consists of two modified bitumen sheets joined together across its surface, the lower fietro armed with fiberglass (LBM-40-FV) and top with polyester felt (LBM-40-FP), non-stick separating layer composed of polyethylene film 0.50 mm thick the sob re willing floating waterproof meabilització with simple overlap and pavement Rajoleta Catalan 20x10cm about 2.5 cm layer of cement mortar waterproof, even cleaning before the support, redesign, training of perimeter edges, bibs, minvells, sinks and other special bands reinforcement, and cavalcaments losses. Measured in horizontal projection. RATE IS TRAINING WITH OUTSTANDING mixed with expanded clay lightweight concrete (Arlit LIGHT FOR INDOOR)

73,84 €

Waterproofing drainage culvert on the terrace

Repair waterproofing drainage vertical flat roof, consisting of: primer with 0.35 kg / m² black bituminous emulsion type EB, two pieces of reinforcing sheet type LBM-30-FP 60 cm width 80 cm lower and the upper 30 g / dm² and armor felt polyester adhered to the support, and the bowl together. The bowl is placed between the two sides of the membrane reinforcement and waterproofing of the roof above the two (not included).

18,85 €

Waterproofing of the coronation of parapet wall, width 15 cm.

Waterproofing of the coronation of the sill cover, consisting of: anionic bituminous emulsion asphalt primer EA type plate and elastomer SBS modified bitumen type LBM (SBS) -30-FP, fully bonded with torch support. For the waterproofing of the coronation of the wall will be lifted out of the horse and then put the waterproofing is this restituirà (not included).

8,88 €

Chopped material bonding the tiles

Demolition of cement mortar as a bonding material of the tiles on the roof with manual means, including debris removal and loading truck or container, excluding transport to landfill.

4,70 €

Door insulated galvanized, white lacquered 700x1945

Supply and installation of doors of a leaf 38 mm thick, light 700x1945 mm and height of step in white lacquered finish, made of two sheets of galvanized steel 0.5 mm thick struck with vents at the top and bottom, folded, assembled and mounted with camera REPLENS intermediate polyurethane frame of galvanized steel with 1.5mm thick claws anchor work. Made in studio with fastening and adjustment work. Fully assembled and tested by the installation company by the relevant service tests included in this price.

125,83 €

Protection and insulation practicable with flat roof slab filtering

Protection and insulation flat roof practicable, consistent in supply and installation of filtering and isolating slab in one piece, size 50 cm x 50 cm and thickness of 75 mm, consisting of a layer of concrete 35 mm thick extruded polystyrene thermal insulation, thickness 40 mm, density 35 kg / m³ and thermal conductivity XPS 0034 W.

10,66 €

Repair roof spoiler

Repair skirt covered less than 20 m, and a channel home with ceramic tile curved Arab type (1.70 kg / ut), aged artificially 50x23x15 CRN at a rate of 24-25 ut / m² and receiving cement mortar 11-35M-2,5A (1: 8), one in five rows perpendicular to the eaves, tile or ceramic flat central even redesign, placing the tiles with mortar squad settled on cake starting Hnea eaves, even cleaning and watering the surface, according NTE / QTT-11. Previously placed under a plate type Onduline under tile throughout the tile and on existing support.

79,52 €