Thermoacoustic insulation


Insulation for insufflation, from the inside, in double leaf-leaf closure air chambers.

Energy rehabilitation of double leaf facade Factory, from the interior of the house, 50 mm air chamber of medium thickness, by injection of natural mineral wool nodules (LMN) without binders, Borralw (Tip S) Knauf Insulation , with density 30 kg / m³ and thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (MK); Tapa of the holes executed in the parament, by means of massillat and lying. Included proportional part of machinery for injection, making holes, protection of contiguous elements and cleaning surface to be painted. Fully finished. Includes: Carrying out drills in the parament; Protection of the elements of the environment that can be affected during injection work; Injection of isolation; Tapat of the drills.

27,68 €

Isolation on false ceilings with mineral wools

Supply and placement of acoustic insulation on false ceiling of plates, formed by semi-rigid panel of mineral wool, according to UNE-EN 13162, not coated, of 50 mm thick, thermal resistance 1.4 m²k / w, thermal conductivity 0.035 W / (MK). Even P / P of insulator cuts

7,30 €

Pluvial shutter, maximum thickness 65 mm, with bituminous wavy plates

Execution of pluvial wall of maximum thickness 65 mm, formed by bituminous wavy plates type Onducober, or similar, with disposal of overlaid plates and fixed to the parament directly with empty keys, and perimeter cars of prelacada sheet, with thermic insulation installed by The inner face of waterproofing through extruded polystyrene rigid panel, according to UNE-EN 13164, 50 mm thick, thermal resistance 0.79 m² / w, thermal conductivity 0.039 W / (MK), 200 KPA resistance to compression , factor of resistance to the dissemination of water vapor 150 and specific heat 1400 J / kgk. Even proportional part of the insulating clippings.

26,90 €

Façade of double leaf of sheet profiled sheet of steel, with intermediate insulation.

Double-leaved facade closure, formed by exterior panel profile of profiled steel ribbed S320 Galvanized Galvanized of 0.6 mm thickness and 30 mm crest height, insulation of non-hygroscopic glass wool blanket covered by one of its faces With a reinforced glass veil, according to UNE-EN 13162, 60 mm thick and tray interior tray of galvanized steel ribban tray of 0.6 mm thickness, even proportional part of horsemen, mines and accessories of Hidden and sealing fixation and other elements and works necessary for the formation of gaps, boards, corners, rowing and encounters with other materials. Fully mounted, withdrawal of excess material and container load.

44,54 €

Indoor leaf Facade closure, with LH-7 + isolate PE-40.

Formation of internal partition leaf of 7 cm thick factory, double-handed double ceramic brick, to coat, 33x16x7 cm, received with M-5 cement mortar and internal insulation with 40 mm expansive polystyrene plates of 40 mm. of thickness, even p / p rethinking, leveling and appliance, received from rings and basic buildings, minions, breaks, linked, heads and cleaning

29,89 €

Waterproofing Transitable flat cover and paved tile.

Flat, transitable, conventional with fixed pavement and polyethylene film of 0.2 mm thickly over overlapping for low-performance vapor barrier formation, formed by layer of thick cell concrete between 2 and 30 cm finished With a layer of regularization of 1.5 cm of cement mortar (1: 6) swirling, thermal insulation formed by polystyrene panels extruded XPS-IV of 30 mm thick and k = 0.028 W / MºC, separator layer for felt Fiberglass of 120 gr / m² willing floating on thermal insulation with simple overlap, waterproofing by membrane BICAPA PN-7 improved (UNE 104402/96) does not adhere to the support formed by two modified bitumen sheets together with each other in All its surface, the bottom armed with fiber fiberglass (LBM-40-FV) and the superior with polyester felt (LBM-40-FP), an antiadherent separating layer formed by polyethylene film of 0.50 mm of thickness willing floating on the imperica meabilization with if Mple overlapping and Catalan tile pavement of 20x10cm on 2.5 cm of waterproofing cement mortar, even prior cleaning of support, rethinking, perimeter edges formation, bibs, difells, sinks and other special elements with bands Reinforcement, mines and hiking. Measure in horizontal projection. The formation of slopes with lightweight concrete mixed with expanded clay (lightweight archive for covers) is valued

73,84 €

Galvanized sheet door with insulation, white lacquer 700x1945

Supply and placement of door door of a 38 mm thick leaf, 700x1945 mm of light and step height, white lacquered finish, formed by two galvanized steel sheets of 0.5 mm thickness With ventilation grids coined at the top and bottom, folded, assembled and mounted, with intermittent camera filled with polyurethane, on galvanized steel frame of 1.5 mm thick with anchor gates for work. Prepared in workshop, with adjustment and fixation in work. Fully mounted and tested by the installer company through the corresponding service tests, included in this price.

125,83 €

Rockwool system for direct trasdosat, laminated plaster plates with built-in insulation, in facade closures.

Direct extradossat on interior partition, made with laminated plasterboards - | (10 + 30) (LR) Labelrock 406.110 | Rockwool, with rock wool isolation, 30 mm thick, incorporated into the plate, received with binding material on the vertical setting; and 55 mm of total thickness, even proportional part of reconsideration of the finished line of parament, the zones of passage and gaps; successive placement, for each plate, of the pallets of binding paste in the support parament; Cut the plates, placement of wedges in the lower part and individual placement of plates through pressure on pallets; formation of expansion together; treatment of areas of passage and gaps; Execution of angles; Treatment of boards through pasta and board tape; Receipt of boxes for accommodation of electrical and installation mechanisms, prior rethinking of its location on the plates and drilling them, and final cleaning. Fully finished and ready to enter, paint or coat.

29,05 €

Thermocal thermocal system of thermal insulation and mineral facades coating.

Facade energy rehabilitation, through thermal insulation and mineral facade coating, on its outer face, with the Thermocal Dbblok system, consisting of a layer of mortar of thermal and acoustic insulating, thermocal, 20 mm thick, applied through Mechanical projection with a 15 kg / m² performance, and a layer of lime monolayer mortar, Ibercal Master 450 Thermo, endeared finish, color to choose, 10 mm thick.

32,07 €