Insulation termoacústics


Insulation for inflation, from the inside, in air chambers closing double blade factory.

Energy renovation of facade of double sheet factory, from inside the house, air chamber of 50 mm thick medium by injection of natural mineral wool nodules (LMN) without binders, BorraLW (TERVOLA S) Knauf Insulation with density 30 kg / m³ and thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (mK); covered holes executed in the household using putty and sanding. Including machinery proportion of injection holes realization, protection and cleaning elements adjacent surface to be painted. Fully finished. Includes conducting drills in the household; protection of elements of the environment that may be affected during construction of injection; Injection insulation; covered the holes.

27,68 €

Ceilings with insulation on mineral wool

Supply and installation of insulation on ceiling plates, made of semi-rigid mineral wool panel, according to UNE-EN 13162, not coated, 50 mm thick, thermal resistance of 1.4 m²K / W thermal conductivity 0.035 W / (mK). Even w / w cuts insulation

7,30 €

Front panel dual-blade profiled sheet steel with insulation in between.

Closing double leaf facade, exterior panel made of sheet steel S320 GD profiled ribbed galvanized 0.6 mm thick and 30 mm height of ridge insulation blanket glass wool hygroscopic not covered by one of its faces a veil of reinforced glass, according to UNE-EN 13162, 60 mm thick tray tray support inside ribbed galvanized steel sheet of 0.6 mm thickness, even proportion of cavalcaments, wastage and accessories hidden fastening and sealing elements and other work necessary for the formation of gaps, joints, corners, shots and meetings with other materials. Fully assembled, with removal of excess material and container cargo.

44,54 €

Door insulated galvanized, white lacquered 700x1945

Supply and installation of doors of a leaf 38 mm thick, light 700x1945 mm and height of step in white lacquered finish, made of two sheets of galvanized steel 0.5 mm thick struck with vents at the top and bottom, folded, assembled and mounted with camera REPLENS intermediate polyurethane frame of galvanized steel with 1.5mm thick claws anchor work. Made in studio with fastening and adjustment work. Fully assembled and tested by the installation company by the relevant service tests included in this price.

125,83 €

ROCKWOOL system of direct trasdoses of gypsum plasterboard with insulation incorporated in facade closings.

Direct cladding on interior partition, made with laminated plasterboard - | (10 + 30) (LR) Labelrock 406 110 | ROCKWOOL with rock wool insulation of 30 mm thick, joined the board, received with paste bonding material on the vertical surface; 55 mm thickness, even proportional reconsideration of the finish line of kitchenware, the passageways and hollow; placing successively for each plate, the pasta paletades union support in the household; cutting boards, placing wedges at the bottom and placing individual plates by pressure on paletades; formation of expansion joints; treatment of passageways and holes; execution of angles; treatment together with paste and tape together; received boxes for electrical mechanisms and accommodation facilities step, following reconsideration of its location in the plates and punching them, and final cleaning. Fully finished and ready to emprimar, painting or coating.

29,05 €

System Thermocal DBBLOK thermal insulation of facades and mineral coating.

Rehabilitation energy front, using thermal and mineral coating of facades for its outer face with Thermocal DBBLOK system, consisting of a layer of mortar plastered thermal and acoustic insulation, Thermocal, 20 mm thick, applied by projection mechanical performance of 15 kg / m², and a layer of lime mortar monolayer, Ibercal 450 Thermo Master, finished swirls, color to choose, 10 mm thick.

32,07 €