Waterproofing covered with paint in polyurethane, armed.

Non-destructive waterproofing of transitable flat covers, terraces or balconies made above the fixed tiled, through the application of two layers of elastic coating waterproofing based on liquid monocomponent polyurethane armed liquid with fabric of fiberglass and a layer of finish Of elastoplastic paint protection resistant to ultraviolet rays, even cleaning and sanitation of the support prior to the placement of waterproofing.

20,53 €

Waterproofing of embroidering drainage in Terrassa

Repair of waterproofing vertical drainage in flat roof, consisting of: primer layer with 0.35 kg / m² of black bituminous emulsion type EB, two pieces of reinforcement of LBM-30-FP type sheet of 60 cm of 60 cm Wide the lower one and 80 cm the upper one, of 30 gr / dm² and armor of polyester felt, adhering to the support, in the casserole and each other. The casserole will be placed between the two bands of reinforcement and the membrane of the waterproofing of the cover above the two (not included).

18,85 €

Waterproofing of the coronation of the Ampay Wall, width 15 cm.

Waterproofing of the coronation of the covered sill, constituted by: Asphalt primer with anionic bituminous emulsion type EA and Modified Betum Lamina with elastomer SBS, type LBM (SBS) -30-FP, totally adhered to support with blower. For the waterproofing of the Coronation of Wall, the raiset of the horse will be held and then placing the waterproofing will restore this (not included).

8,88 €

Waterproofing of mitgera, from adjacent terrace.

Waterproofing of medianeras based on a bituminous emulsion modified with rubber, EA type, 1 gr / cm³ density, applied in two layers and cold, according to UNE 104231.

9,36 €

Plastic paint smooth interiors

Plastic paint with smooth texture, white, matt finish, on horizontal and vertical plaster and plaster walls, background hand and two finishing hands (performance: 0.125 l / m² each hand).

6,86 €