Lifting devices


Carener demolition with recovery, less than 20 m

Demolition of ceramic carener, and secondary elements, with recovery of the parts disassembled for possible reuse, even stacked instead that it is designated for this, selection, classification for sizes, classes and conservation status, and cleaning col · Located less than 20 meters in height, even means of security, and loading and unloading elevation, with removal of rubble for subsequent transport to landfill.

1,44 €

Handicapped vertical elevator Enier Enier Eninin 1200x950.

Supply and installation of a small hydraulic vertical drive unit for people with reduced mobility, Enier Llevant, Eni Eninin model, platform of dimensions 1200x950 mm, payload 225 kg, two stops, hydraulic traction system with power valves Anti-Return, Speed ​​0.10 m / s, Single-phase food 230 V, Double boarding at 180 degrees with a cabin manual door painted with transparent polycarbonate and electrical lock, shipping switches in the interior of the cabin, STOP PUTTER on platform, security elements and stainless steel grip, colored body colored 7035-gray, perimeter closures, door and railings; Fully installed, connected and checked your corrrect operation, approvals and installation certificate.

9.195,19 €