Security in case of fire


Multipurpose extinguisher ABC 6 kg efficacy 21a-113b.

Supply and placement of portable chemical powder ABC polyvalent ABC AntiBrase, with incorporated pressure, efficiency 21a-113b-C, with 6 kg of extinguisher agent, with a manometer and hose with diffuser filter. Even support and assembly accessories. Fully mounted.

46,42 €

Portable CO2 Carbonic Snow Extinguisher, Efficacy 34B, 2 kg.

Supply and placement of carbonic snow carbonic extinguisher CO2, with Efficacy 34B, with 2 kg of extinguisher agent, with diffuser glass. Even support and assembly accessories. Fully mounted.

68,32 €

Galvanizado.rf-120 steel firewall door 1 sheet 900x200 cm.

Supply and placement of homologated pivoted firewall door, EI2 120-C5, according to UNE-EN 1634-1, of a 74 mm thick sheet, 900x2000 mm of light and step height, for a vacuum of work of 1000x2050 mm, white lacquered finish formed by 3 galvanized steel sheets of 0.8 mm thick, folded, assembled and mounted, with intermediate chamber of high density rock wool and plasterboard plates, on Galvanized steel frame of 1.5 mm thick with an intumescent joint and anchorage gates for work, even four double-adjustable hinges adjustable in height, framed welded and screwed in the blade, according to UNE-in 1935, Closing stuffing horseshoe at one point, shields, cylinder, nails and cranks Antiquely black Nylon RF color, even closing for moderate use. Prepared in workshop, with adjustment and fixation in work. Fully mounted and tested.

516,27 €