Concrete structures


Inspection cove in pillar or reinforced concrete beam.

Inspection cove in pillar or reinforced concrete beam to verify the state of the armor, consisting of a maximum of three coves, to be determined by technician, visual inspection and determination of geometry, aspect of concrete , thickness of the coating, depth of carbonation, resistance to chopping, inter-intereters, number of bars and diameter of the armor and degree of oxidation and loss of section of the armor, in accordance with the 'Guide for to the inspection and complementary evaluation of concrete structures in existing buildings' of the Valencian Institute of Building IVE (DRB 05/09). Includes: displacement of personnel and equipment, auxiliary means, protection of furniture, preparation and work grants, removal of ruins and cargo up to container or truck, graphic and photographic documentation of the cove, replacement with structural mortar and issuance of ACTA. It does not include: auxiliary means for heights greater than 7 m, replacement of coatings, manual means, replacement of concrete or transport to landfill.

176,03 €

Demolition of forged reinforced concrete, with metallic beams.

Demolition of unidirectional forged concrete reinforced with metallic beams formed type IPE-IPN, intervening of ceramic or concrete bills and concrete compression layer, with manual media, compressor pneumatic hammer and equipment of oxygen, even raised pavement, Proportional part of cleaning, gathering, withdrawal and manual load of rubble on truck or container.

66,65 €

Unidirectional forged inclined reinforced concrete, edge 25 + 5 cm, Biga T18 authoresistant.

Unidirectional reinforced reinforcement, inclined, made on two levels, with free plant height between 3 and 4 m, edge 30 = 25 + 5 cm, made with concrete HA-25 / B / 20 / IIA manufactured in work, and poured with Cubilot with a total volume of concrete according to calculation, and Acer UNE-EN10080 B 500 s in the reinforcement zone of negatives and connectors of beams and rings, with a total amount according to plans of structure and detail; Continuous formwork with struts, metallic sprouts and formofrant surface of reinforced wooden wood with bars and profiles; Pretensadat-18 Boigue; Revoltó de Concrete, 60x20x25 cm, even proportional part of special pieces; Compression layer of 5 cm thick, with cast armor formed by electrosoldada mesh ME 25x25Ø 5-5 B 500 T 6x2.20 UNE-EN 10080. Even proportional part of rim hoops. Included cleaning and removal of ruins.

111,07 €

Reinforcement collar on the basis of 16x25 cm concrete pillar, with PNL40.4

Base of reinforcement of pillar of reinforced concrete 25x25 or diameter 25 cm through necklers of metallic angles PNL-40.4 mm of steel S275 hot laminate, joined by welding, even welding in situ and filling of Space between concrete and steel with a layer of 1.5 mm epoxy resin in two components.

124,55 €

Metallic reinforcement of 16x25 cm concrete pillar, with PNL40.4

Reinforcement of rectangular support of reinforced concrete 25x25 cm for confinamiemto of trellis of 4 standardized profiles of hot rolled steel S275 PNL-40.4 mm of 2.42 kg / m according to UNE 10025-2 arranged in the edges of the support and joins On the four sides by means of metal union plants welded in situ, every 25 cm, by cooling constriction, even contribution of welding material according to UNE-EN ISO 2560, worked and placed.

310,31 €

Upper reinforcement of unidirectional forged, layer of compression

Superior reinforcement of unidirectional forging of wooden beams, through a layer of compression of reinforced concrete, 5 cm, medium thickness, with reinforcement of negative with 2 of 12 mm and cast mesh 15x15, 8 mm in diameter, executed In situ, concrete lightened with structural arch, resistance 2.5 MPA and density 500 kg / m³, drilling and resin of rods in beams, linked to mesh of cast, even execution of perimeter lace in wall for anchorage of the Army , races in tabiyiería and pp of rings


Solera reinforced concrete of 12 cm, in lift pit.

Training of continuous pavement of reinforced concrete of 12 cm thick, made with concrete HA-25 / B / 20 / III manufactured in Central, carried out in work, and Electrosoldada ME ME 20x20 Ø 5-5 B 500 T 6x2.20 UNE- In 10080, on approved separators; By elevator fossa bottom, even proportional part of the surface cleaning, extended and vibrated concrete.

53,92 €