Factory structures


Insulation for inflation, from the inside, in air chambers closing double blade factory.

Energy renovation of facade of double sheet factory, from inside the house, air chamber of 50 mm thick medium by injection of natural mineral wool nodules (LMN) without binders, BorraLW (TERVOLA S) Knauf Insulation with density 30 kg / m³ and thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (mK); covered holes executed in the household using putty and sanding. Including machinery proportion of injection holes realization, protection and cleaning elements adjacent surface to be painted. Fully finished. Includes conducting drills in the household; protection of elements of the environment that may be affected during construction of injection; Injection insulation; covered the holes.

27,68 €

Concrete block of 40x20x10 factory, resistance R10.

Exterior leaf of 10 cm thick factory, in facade closure, vacuum concrete block, to coat, gray, 40x20x10 cm, standardized resistance R10 (10 n / mm²), armed with horny galvanized murfor armor armor , RND.4 / Z or similar, diameter 4 mm, 80 mm width, encased type, with proportional part of riding and hooks for lintels and corners, received with mortar of cement M-7.5, with minimum support of 2 / 3 parts of the block on the forged, or on hot galvanized steel angulars fixed on the forged fronts if, for execution errors, the blog does not support its 2/3 parts on the forged and armed with Hot galvanized murfor murfor armor, rnd.4 / z or similar, diameter 4 mm, 80 mm width, encased type, placed in yarns every 50 cm approximately and at least in booting factory on forged, under breakage and on vacuum charger, with a amount of 1 kg / m² and with connection devices, anchors, keys and metallic fixations, for the subjection or retention of the factory to the structural elements. Even proportional part of links, mines, breaks, encounter with pillars, cantonades formation, covered and cover formation by means of lintel pieces with armor and mace of concrete, jambs and grindings, together of expansion, execution of meetings and points Singular

48,54 €

Static stitch cracks in ceramic brick enclosures.

Static sewing sewn on ceramic brick factory through the inclusion of corrugated steel staples B 500 s of 10 mm in diameter and 30 cm in length, placed every 30 cm, crossing the fissure transversally, comprising: opening boxes ( as regatta) perpendicular to the direction of the fissure; Cleaned, wet and fucked from these, received from the staples in boxes with cement mortar and slightly addictive lime, dosing 1: 0.5: 4, because there are no excessive retractions, placement of staples and filling of The boxes to the level of the parament and the fissure already sew with thixotropic mortar in injected to controlled pressure.

29,22 €

Fitted in Mur Masseixa factory, for tied hoop.

Profiling fitting made on brick factory wall, with a pneumatic hammer, with a smaller thickness than the total width of the wall, for accommodation of tied rings or ducts, without including making shoes, even withdrawal of demolition and Load on truck or container, without including landfill transport, according to NTE / ADD-13.

144,72 €

Wall factory load half foot thick.

Bearing wall, 1/2 foot thick factory perforated ceramic brick (honeycomb) to cover, 24x12x9 cm, received with cement mortar M-5, including scaffolding and auxiliary to a maximum height 3 m, removal of debris, cleaning and cargo container.

28,91 €

Internal partition, ceramic brick factory for LH-11 coating.

Formation of interior partition sheet of 1/2 Foot of factory thickness, of ceramic brick Empty triple, to coat, 33x16x11 cm, received with mortar of M-5 cement. Even proportional part of rethinking, leveling and appliance, received from basic rings and buildings, mining, breaks, tied, heads and cleaning.

20,95 €

Internal partition, ceramic brick factory for LH7 coating.

Formation of internal partition leaf 7 cm thick factory, double-handed ceramic brick, to coat, 33x16x7 cm, received with M-5 cement mortar. Even proportional part of rethinking, leveling and appliance, received from basic rings and buildings, mining, breaks, tied, heads and cleaning.

23,11 €